1.1 Digital Privacy: Where to start?

1.1 Digital Privacy: Where to start?

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Hello friends

This is my first post, in the series “Digital Privacy”.

I have been using the internet for more than a decade, back then there was no concern for privacy. Years passed, I slowly started depending on certain tools and software. Later I encountered a series of events where my privacy got compromised and my digital footprint got exposed to companies and people I know. The privacy seed in me started growing slowly and ended up using privacy-first tools after extensive research. Then the real problem came into the light. Because of my employer, friends, or the communities I interact with, I started using that non-privacy software again. And from these experiences and interactions with privacy advocates, I started thinking of the core philosophy of online privacy and what we need to do.

Start here

The best practice in safeguarding your online privacy is to understand the accounts, tools, devices, and data points you use and scrutinize what you need and what you don't. Start thinking wisely on what data I secure and what data and footprint the internet saves and always be aware of your digital footprint.

Everything you share online goes beyond your control — whether it’s a password, kid’s photo, or a late-night philosophical thought. Take a moment to consider the risks of sharing too much.

Lock your devices and cover your cameras. Don’t underestimate simple solutions when it comes to your privacy.

Use a VPN and security software.

Block online trackers with a browser extension.

Use unique, strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication, where possible. The extra effort is justified when you want to protect your accounts from hackers or thieves.

Review privacy policies and app permissions. Check out the latest information about the way your personal data is collected and used. On your phone and tablet, review the apps’ access permissions and turn off anything you deem excessive.

Secure your smart devices. Make sure your home network and gadgets are protected by unique, strong passwords.

Check your data breach status regularly.

In the next few posts, I will be covering the tools I use with a separate post of each category and how to set up and use those tools which will help you understand the first step towards online privacy.

Thank you

Be aware and be wise !!

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